Friday, April 16, 2010

Dinner is served!

Kainan na!!!! Kulang na lang ng BEER, Dear! ^O^

Buffalo Chicken Wings with Dippable Veggies and a side of Ranch for me
Garden Salad and Baked Chicken for the Hubs
Fries and Baked chicken for my little one

My version of LOADED FRENCH FRIES! (With melted cheese, crispy bacon and diced Jalapeno) Super Yummyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is here!!!

There’s an inappropriate object in here! Can you guess where and what? Hihi….

Spring is officially here! ^O^ Time to put away the heavy comforters! The weather has been so nice lately and it helped me get in the mood to think about spring clothes and shoes! Yahoo!!! This means SUMMER is just around the corner. Well Hello Flip flops!!! AYLAVET!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


YES! I'm soooooooooo ready for my date this VALENTINES! *Wink* *Wink* hehe....
Fiery Red w/ Animal Print! Rawrrrrr!!! I'm sooooooo loving ANIMAL PRINT AT THE MOMENT!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Pride and Joy!

AJ gave us good news tonight. She got an award and her picture was posted on their kindness wall. She said she's one of their “student of the month” (from her class). I just can't wipe-off my smile. =) Shouldn't she be happy? Not exactly. Today, she also received the electives she’s enrolled for the 3rd and 4th quarter. She saw chess as one of them. Apparently, she’s not happy about this. =( Last week when the elective enrollment registration came, we chose something fun for her like dancing and art. But her teacher gave her another elective for AG students (AG is for academically gifted students if you're not familiar). Boy! She's not happy at all! She already belongs to their Math group which is also for AG students (teacher H picked this for her too). She has told us before that this class can be hard at times. She also plays the violin as another of her electives. But she loves this one. Her Dad and I are very proud. And as much as possible, we want her to be happy too so she will continue to do her best in school. We don't want to force her into anything she's not happy about because we want her to learn and enjoy at the same time and not be worried or stressing about anything. Okay, it's not our style to IMPOSE on her. So if she doesn't like it, we let her be. I just hope she’ll give CHESS a try and just do her best. Good luck my Baby doll! Don't worry. Your teacher knows better. Muah!!! Yes, I'm mighty proud! Another joy of being a Mom.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yikes! Where do I begin? Hays! Anyways, how's everyone doing? I hope you guys had a wonderful time welcoming 2010 because I did. I actually welcomed it with a smile. =)
We were in Orlando at the time in Sea World to be exact. I know it's a bit too late, but I still want to greet everyone a Happy New Year. Yes, I've been busy the past few weeks the reason why I have been neglecting this blog. =( Oh, I don't mean to but believe me as much as I want to update I just can’t. Lets face it reality bites not all of us had the luxury of time in the world. Ok, enough of my ramblings. =)
For some weird reason, I woke-up feeling like I wanted to cook lechon kawali, siomai, ginisang munggo and chicken buffalo wings today. What??? Ayyayay!
Hubs: Wow! That was some weird dream. You should have that more often. =)
So I asked the hubs to get me all the necessary things I need minus the chicken.
I don't know how to cook that s**t! Opppsss sorry, I just want to say that hihihi…. (After sometime…like 5 minutes or so…well for me it felt like it was forever so I’m like…)
Me: What's taking him so longgggg! Ughhhh!!!
Hahaha… to tell you honestly I don’t know what was wrong with me. I just didn’t have the patience to wait. Tsk! I’m just glad the hub was very patient today. Putting up with my crankiness? The reason why I love him so I think. *Wink* In 2 hours I was able to cook all three. Wow! I myself was impressed! =) My secret? TIME MANAGEMENT and MULTI TASKING DEAR! The hub was able to get some Sapin-sapin and Bilo- bilo for dessert from Oriental so that was a bonus. I was jumping with joy. They seldom sell those kind of stuff here so imagine my reaction when he called and asked me if I want some? Without thinking, I said of course my dear! =) And Boy, I’m glad! I was in dessert Pinoy Heaven and sure am not kidding! =) LIFE IS GOOD! Aylavet!

CHOCOLATE M&M SHAKE! My daughter love this sooooooooo much!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yup...not fair!

Arrrgghhhh....How can he let me see my 10th year anniv. gift and not let me take a quick look? Geeezz…is he doing this on purpose? I know he is laughing his head off watching me check the paper bag like an anxious little kid looking at a precious un-opened gift. Now, I know how my AJ feels. = ( I’m sorry babe, now I feel bad. How about we take a peak on your x-mas gifts and not let Daddy know? Just you and I. What do you say?! hahaha….) Sssshh…

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Junk Mail!… Boy it’s Annoying! Paper Cut??? Absolutely hate it! COUPONS! Now we’re talking… Just keep it coming will yah!??? =) SWEET! Wait.... How about gift cards? That's even better! Awesome! Yes, money can't buy happiness, but it can sometimes buy stuff that makes you happy and I agree! =) Hubs, if you're reading this, I wouldn't mind getting some. Yes, some not just one. Okey Dokey! *Wink*
Anyways, do you have your own business? Did you know that this is a fast and easy solution for rewards, incentives, and promotions? Boy! Wouldn't that be a treat to any employees or clients? I think so! Just add your company name or a special message and Voila! Who wouldn't want gift cards? It's like the best gift ever!!! Well, at least to me. Hehehe...